Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mid-Year Check In

I hate following blogs of people who don't consistently write and then what do I do?  Exactly! Actually, I am in a state of limbo.  I have become very comfortable with the components I have in place of WBT and like how things are moving along and haven't yet revved up to jump into the plethora of options still out there - I'm just sort of hanging out in happy WBT land.

When this happens, I know it's time for me to set a serious goal. 

Therefore, I am putting it out there that I will at least tape a few sessions of math in the next week and put them on Youtube for a more experienced wibbeter to watch and offer feedback - I'll ask sweet Nancy.

Two, I will and repeat,  I will play miind soccer next week.

Three, I will show one of Coach's new common core pdf's in a new series I will be starting on Wednesday's for kids - College Class with Coach!!

I'm sweating already.  I want to of course build those power pics - work beyond the first level- really get into the Writing game and math problem solving and ... and ... and...

The beautiful part of this program is that I can move at my own pace and I don't think I will ever be able to tap into all that Coach and his amazing helpers have to offer.  Yet, honestly... I'm not moving at all.  I will blog on Tuesday nights and that is my fourth goal, even if it's just to check in and say how I'm doing on my first three goals.

That's all for tonight - I'm looking forward to a snow day this week.  I want that unplanned, unexpected gift that says whatever you choose to do today is perfect. 

Until next time,


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